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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Where is William Safire when you need him ?

IMHO blogs are a threat to the EL (English language). The writing is often excellent, but the language is changing at an alarming speed.

IIRC way back before the www, it was relatively easy to keep up with changng slang. Now I am (really sincerely) impressed by the wit and clarity of the following sentence "But analysed as a debating tactic, which is what it is, it’s just ghastly; OCYWRSHSHIP is simply a version of LLLLLICHY."

All I can say is WTF.

Oddly my alarm turned to panic when I realised that one of the reason that "now that Kerry appears to have undergone a Vulcan mind meld with Joe Lieberman." is brilliant even judged by Billmon's frighteningly high standards is that after the publication of "The Rise of the Vulcans", the pacifist Vulcans are associated with the neocon hawks.

Now this should be a matter of concern for Safire for two reasons. The language is changing and Republicans are facing adversaries much more vigorous and witty that the natering nabobs of negativism in the SCLM. Why hasn't he complained about the
Accretion of acrimonious acronyms
in the left blogosphere ?

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