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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Was Leon Trotsky Bin Laden with a smaller beard or George Bush with a bigger brain ?

I don't want to violate Goodwinski's law but the similarities between Leon and George are striking. Call it "moral clarity" call it "Marxist fanaticism," they have the same basic view of "Their Morals and Ours" which is "we are the good guys so any means we choose to use are right and proper."

Call it "Jesus" or call it "history" each thinks of himself as a prophet with privileged access to something, although Trotsky's "history" had at least some link with, you know, stuff that happened over time and Bush's "Jesus" has not connection which I can detect to, you know, the gospels (but I'm an atheist so what do I know).

Brains make a difference: Trotsky won a civil war against remarkable odds while Bush is losing one without even figuring out which side he is on. All I can say is thank History that Bush doesn't have the God given brains that Trotsky had or we would be in real trouble.

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