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Friday, April 27, 2007

More From McClatchy

The other US attorney who saved his job after being on the to be fired list is US attorney Patrick Meehan in Philadelphia as I guessed here.
when I discussed US attorneys who were on the to be fired lists but were not fired.
This correct inference supports the theory that it is very dangerous to be US Attorney in a district where Karl Rove alleged voter fraud unless one finds (nonexistent) voter fraud or proves oneself to be a loyal Bushie by investigating Democrats soon before election day. Or as I wrote (one of many grammar errors corrected)

A clear hint of at riskness was running a district where Karl Rove suspected massive vote fraud. No US Attorney managed to obtain much evidence or many convictions for voter fraud (probably because it is rare). McKay and Iglesias were fired partly for this reason. Stephen Biskupic of Eastern Wisconsin appears to have saved himself prosecuting a clearly innocent civil servant in order to trash the Democratic governor.

Another site of alleged fraud was Philadelphia, where US attorney Patrick Meehan looked very closely at allegedly corrupt associates of the Democratic candidate for the senate (now senator) Robert Casey Jr (sound familiar).

There are two possibly overlapping sets of 3 redacted names each on lists handed over to congress. One list was made in October 2006 and one in January 2006.

Now Margaret Talev, Ron Hutcheson and Marisa Taylor of McClatchy report

Congressional sources who have seen unedited internal documents say the Bush administration considered firing at least a dozen U.S. attorneys before paring down its list to eight late last year.

The four who escaped dismissal came from states considered political battlegrounds in the last presidential election: Missouri, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Two of the four said they resigned voluntarily before the mass firings of U.S. attorneys on Dec. 7. Two continue to serve as federal prosecutors.

via TPM of course

The US attorneys from Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are Graves, Heffelfinger and Biskupic.

I correctly inferred that Thomas Heffelfinger of Minnesota was on the January list based on the fact that two people on the list left public service between Janaury 2006 and March 2006.

Firedupmissouri noted this fact and identified the other ex US attorney on the list as Thomas Graves of Western Missouri.

Steven Biskupic of Wisconsin is known to have been on a list and to have saved his job, perhaps via at least two prosecutions which appall appeals court judges.

I also speculated, apparently incorrectly, that Debra W. Yang in LA and Christopher Christie of New Jersey were on one of the lists.

In theory it is possible that the nearly fired US attorney from Pennsylvania is Mary Beth Buchanan of Western Pennsylvania appointed on September 5, 2001. However, it is clear that Buchanan was making the lists not on the lists as she was the director of the Executive Office of US Attorneys from mid-2004 to mid-2005.

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