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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I write a letter to Rep Eric Cantor

Dear Congressman Cantor

You lie. Pelosi did a favor for one of our allies — Israel. This was reported before her arrival in Syria by the associated press see The fact that Olmert chose to lie and claim that he did not send a message via Pelosi after his spokeswoman had publically announced the exact opposite, *before* Pelosi delivered the message, may help us understand why he is even less popular in Israel than Bush is in the USA.

You might add lie to lie and claim that Pelosi delivered the wrong message saying Israel was prepared for talks, not that Israel was prepared for talks, if and only if, Syria stopped supporting Hamas and Hezbollah. Pelosi claims she delivered the correct message. Her claim has not been contradicted by the Republican congressman who was with her delegation (and who you neglected to mention) or by her State Department sherpas. I conclude that she is telling the truth.

The attack on Pelosi is more than usually absurd even given the total contempt that you and your fellow Republicans have for the truth. It is not good strategy to tell lies which can easily be proven to be lies.

You are both a fool and a knave. I look forward to seeing if you have a credible opponent in 2008 as I would then donate to his or her campaign.

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I was sent by thinkprogress.

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