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Monday, April 02, 2007

John Bull RIP

Some striking facts from the Washington Post related to the Iranian seisure of 15 UK Sailors

the 7 solution

A poll published in the Sunday Telegraph newspaper found that only 7 percent of Britons surveyed believed London should be preparing to use military force against Iran.

You know that the editor of the Sunday Telegraph enjoyed publishing that poll almost as much as Fox News enjoys reporting that two thirds of Americans disapprove of George Bush. In recent decades UK public opinion has been markedly more hawkish than continental European public opinion. I think that Blair has finally managed to bridge the channel.

Even more amazing

In London, about a dozen British protestors demonstrated outside the Iranian embassy,demanding that the captives, taken March 23, be freed.

That would be less than one demonstrator per capitive. I might add that the Post's reporter, Kevin Sullivan, seems to have been a bit lazy. I mean if there were "about a dozen", couldn't he have counted them ?

The Defence minister seems to have gotten the message

"There is no reason to continue to keep them there. We are anxious that this matter be resolved as quickly as possible and that it be resolved by diplomatic means and we are bending ...," [right over and lowering our trousers Defense Minister Des] Browne said, according to the BBC.

In spite of my immature inability to avoid a mocking tone, I fully agree with the majority of her majesties subjects and eagerly watch the preliminary signs that sanity is spreading to John Bull's other country.


Anonymous said...

Especially well done.


Anonymous said...

4 G.I.’s Among Dead in Iraq; McCain Cites Progress

[Craziness or sad irony for the day.]

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, though we will all vote Democratic regardless of presidential candidate, my parents who are Democrats always find Hillary Clinton impossible. Possibly Clinton can overcome such a sense, but I do not think she feels the least need to, and the sense is overwhelmingly "Iraq." My sister is even angrier.


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