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Monday, April 09, 2007

More on the almost fired trinity

In comments, Anne asks if I remember my curiosity about the three. I sure do.

It seems that one might be the US attorney in Eastern Wisconsin Steven M. Biskupic who was one of the three (including Iglesias so including at most two of *the* three) US attorneys criticized by Bush himself for insufficient vigor in prosecuting (undetected) voter fraud. He may have saved himself by noting that he had obtained a conviction of Georgia Thompson, former state purchasing officer for granting a contract to a firm whose owners had contributed to the governor's re-election campaign (really that seems to be all that there was to the case). This is the conviction reversed by an appeals court which ordered Thompson to be freed before that days close of business so she wouldn't have to wait for them to write their opinion. Here Biskupic's loyal Bushie service occured before the sub list of Iglesias and the Three was drafted in October 2006, so I must argue that Main justice did not know of his sterling service in cause of injustice until they hinted he might have to resign for having failed to find voter fraud.

If such attention lapses are possible, another candidate for the trinity would be Christopher J. Christie of New Jersey who sent Senator Menendez a subpoena (promptly leaked to the press) in an investigation which seems to have ended the day Menendez was re-elected (I include him because his name was the first I guessed as a loyal acolyte of Paul Krugman and low ranking member of the order of the Shrill).

A third possible member of the trinity would be Patrick L. Meehan US attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania, who was also one of those criticized by Bush and who investigated associates of Governor Casey very very thoroughly during the Swann dive.

I am fairly sure that the names will become public. I am willing to bet $0.00 that my guesses are correct. In fact I am willing to bet $0.00 that at least one of my guesses is correct. However, and finally, I am willing to bet $0.00 that none of them is correct.

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