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Monday, April 09, 2007

Today is link to Mark Kleiman day

This would be thermonuclear if it were solidly confirmed.

Not only did Giuliani, who claims he understands terrorism "better than anyone else running for President," demonstrate that he doesn't know Shi'ite about al-Qaeda, he also showed total ignorance on the nuclear-proliferation issue:

At a house party in New Hampshire, Mr. Giuliani suggested that it was unclear which was farther along, Iran or North Korea, in the development of a nuclear weapons program.

Ummm...Rudy? North Korea has already tested a nuclear weapon. It was in the newspaper. You could look it up.

The sourcing seems, at the moment, a bit weak (or does the absence of sourcing imply that this is an earwitness account). Also the kilotongaffe (only a kiloton because the North Korean tested nuclear device was a semi dud with the pathetic yield of one kiloton) allege ocured in a New Hampshire living room and I fear that New Hampshire Republicans are not talkative. Was Marc Santora at that party ? Did he bring a tape recorder ? It's not like potential Rudy voters automatically believe what is written in the New York Times.

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Anonymous said...

Yes; you were and are right about Mark Kleinman. Clever, the both of you.