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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Experiment in Information Retrieval Part MCCLXXXXXXIII

I'm getting better at this.

It took me only two (corectly speled) google searches to find the proof that Chris Matthews, David Ignatius and Andrea Mitchell were giving George Tenet a pass on retracting his public confession that he stupidly said "slam-dunk"

Search one
(Too broad)
Search too
Two badly spellled (it was a typpo -- I think)

Search three

Second link (first I clicked) is Pay Dirt.

Elapsed time well under one minute.

I can't believe that back in the day it took me two full hours (one dedicated to downloading what turned out to be mostly maps and flags) to prove that the Nigerien memo was forged.

And what about the time when I couldn't find a hedgehog penis on the web ?

What have I learned from all my experiments in information retrieval ?

Don't try to go straight to the source. People have been there and they left links.
Don't try to search images, they are hard to alphabetize

Use The Google.

update: embarrassing spelling error corrected.

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