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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fred Malek is finance chairman of the McCain campaign

This could be very costly to McCain. One of his strengths is in fighting corruption as the chairman of the normally very boring indian affairs committee, where he investigated his best bud Ralph Reed you know the one who spread the word that his adopted child was his biological offspring (but not his wife's) under the radar in South Carolina in 2000.

He doesn't seem so concerned when the crooks are not also his personal enemies.

Fred Malek seems to have been ahead of his time back in 1972. In particular he appears to have systematically politicized well roughly everything, abused the FBI to investigate a journalist and preserved deniability at the Rovian level (original term Nixonian level).

Counting Jews and eating a dog are the least of it, although it appears that Malek never claimed to have decided anything without his own knowledge.

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