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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The (oversigned) secretary of the Ali Al Husseini Al Sistani fan club
hereby proposes to its President, Founder and CBO (Chief blogging officer) that we dissolve forthwith.

I did temporarily quit when he declared against the Kurdish veto of the constitution. Then I returned to the fold (flock or whatever the hell Ayatollahs pastorise). This time I mean it. As far as I'm concerned, he can go eat sturgeon scutes.


Notice, the information on Mr. Sistani was entirely wrong as should have been understood by reporters given the known inciting source from which it came. We however are just not capable of understanding even who to trust on such information. Good grief.

We just need to leave Iraq, but we will not leave through this Administration, which is why I will simply not vote for any candidate who does not pledge to take us from Iraq and fast.


Not that I know who to trust as a source on Iraq, but I know there are sources who continually distort. What is disheartening is how little we understand Iraq however, after all the terrible sadness.


update: Never mind. Sistani's spokesman denies that Sistani apposes the de de Ba'athification law. I guess I should eat sturgeon scutes as penance or something. Via Juan Cole of course.
The really humiliating part is that I disolved the Sistani fan club based on the word of Ahmed Chalabi.

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