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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I am currently experiencing a traffic spike (by my standards) which would be a traffic nanoparticle by serious standards. Unusually, the traffic is not being sent by a link from Brad or some other high traffic blogger.

Instead it seems to be principally due to a brief reference to the sex worker with a doctorate, Dr. Paula Neble.

Oddly people have also arrived here after searching for information on a remarkable array of different people who have very little in common with Dr Neble

Dr Tilman Ehrbeck PhD who, like Neble, has a doctorate (but earns much more per hour).

Georgia Thompson who like Neble has been involved in court proceedings

Dr Neble was sued by her madam for violating her terms of service by selling sexual services (that is one smart Madam whose book will be a best seller when she sues her ghost writer for writing it). Ms Thomson's conviction for purchasing services in her capacity as head of purchasing for Wisconsin was reversed and she was freed by close of business. OK one in trouble for purchasing and the other for selling, but both were very professional.

Nyima Funk is very talented and sexy, but her only link with Dr Neble is playing the judge in the trial of doctor Miracles who, like Dr, Neble, was in trouble over having sex on the job.

Someone is looking for Robert Waldmann who has nothing nothing to do with Dr Neble and that cell phone record in her evil madam's leaked records is a fraud I tell you a fraud. Also if I were to have called her it would have been because I thought she was an immunologist.

Glenn Greenwald has absolutely no connection with Paula Neble. I can only assume that someone thought she is a microbiologist.

And finally, as has been true for months, I get some traffic from people interested in hedgehog penises

And yes, I am reposting all of the names in the hope of getting more traffic. Dr Neble and Dr Waldmann might have something in common after all.

update: Some interested in "christopher j. christie" visited. No need to wonder what he has in common with Dr Neble.

uodate 2: mon dieu someone searching for ("third meaning" -barthes) was sent here. I know nothing absolutely nothing about Roland Barthes except that he once wrote text which was translated as "Katherine Hepburn is a beautiful woman. Greta Garbo is the idea of beuty" and "plastic is all becoming and no being".

uodate 3 someone came hear looking for a AND Shleifer. I was the very first hit delivered by ! In my case (see above "a" was an article not first name of famous professor from the Russia).

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