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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

MSM=Months Since Marshall

One of the irritating things about blogs is the use of esoteric terminology (such as "Holden gets a pony" or the unrelated "Pony plan" or the word blog). One such term is the acronym MSM which must stand for something but I deduce from usage certainly does not refer to journalism.

My current guess is that it stands for "months since Marshall" and denotes stuff I read months ago in talking points memo.

Update: TPM = totally pounds mainstream
TPM muckraker rakes the Post over the coals.
and it couldn't happen to a more humble newspaper.

Reading this awesome post dated April 9 2006 reminds me that "months since Marshall" is in no way inconsistent with "years since Marshall" as it in no way implies that the MSM will catch up with Josh in less than 12 months. In six days, Marshall will lap the MSM and not for the first time.

That makes me think of an interesting parlor game (or drinking game for the almost abstemious). How about someone keeps track of how many of the Marshall teams's revelations last a year without being picked up by the MSM ? Requires reading TPM and TPM muckraker year old archives. Very informative compared to reading today's Post I must say.

The almost year old post (not Post) cleared up some stuff in my mind. I have been confused about the different paths and timing of the journey of Nigerien dossier and the verbatim transcript of the Nigerien dossier to my native town (Washington DC).

This is related to the always interesting investigation of the honesty of Joseph Wilson and well lots of fun stuff going on in my home town (Rome).

Speaking of pathetic why do Marshall and Rosen know so much more about what is happening in the city where I live even though non parlanno la lingua ? Cazzo che vergogna.

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