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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Paradise Lost

I much enjoyed Sampson Agonistes, but I think that Paradise Lost, that is, the confirmation hearing of interim US attorney for Utah Brett Tolman would be the true masterpiece. Sad to say I'm pretty sure we will be deprived of this epic. to eplain

Sampson sought to be a U.S. attorney, too, and he was the administration's preferred choice last year to be chief prosecutor in his native Utah. But he was nudged aside for another GOP lawyer, Brett L. Tolman, who was favored by Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah). Tolman was counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee in late 2005 when, at Justice's request, he had language inserted into USA Patriot Act legislation that allowed Gonzales to circumvent Senate confirmation by appointing interim U.S. attorneys indefinitely. Congress is in the process of repealing the provision.
Ohhhh my the guy who slipped in the provision which allowed the attorney general to nominate perment interim US attorneys then tried to take advantage of that provision to be US attorney in Utah. Now congress has wised up and deleted the provision (Bush wouldn't dare veto the deletion and besides 96>67 if you get my drift).

Now Tolman has two choices. He can give up or he can face the Senators he tricked in order to avoid facing them. That would be a hearing to watch. Sad to say, I'm pretty sure that Truman is bold even reckless but not a total nut case and will let his restored 120 days of no longer permanent temporariness expire.

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