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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ok a bit stuck on the Washington Post
I just want to note two things. Two front page articles by reporters named "Dana". When waws the last time that happened ? Second who the hell is writing the headlines
on the Web page ? The article "Report Finds No Evidence Syria Hid Iraqi Arms" is given the new web headline "Report: No Proof Syria Hid Arms." "No evidence" is a bit stronger than "no proof" no ? The article with a buried lede about hwo the Republicans are caving on the new ethics rules has the web headline "Lawmakers Tidy Up Records" as if the problem were typos, smudges and coffee stains. Finally the aticle about how the chance this congress will cut out private/personal/modern/jazzy accounts is entitled "Personal Accounts Not Certainty" rather than the more nearly reasonable "Personal Accounts: Certainly not" which would be just a bit strong.

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