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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

First amendment follies at Agape press (via Americablog)

Jan LaRue of Concerned Women for America says O'Connor has trashed critics of the judiciary "She actually, in her public statement, linked criticism from extremists to the serious threats that she and other judges receive -- and I think that is very unfair," she says. "It's baseless." LaRue says Justice O'Connor's comments also fly in the face of the First Amendment free-speech rights of all Americans. O'Connor is one of what critics call the "un-American six" who have ignored the Constitution's claim that it -- not foreign law -- is the final authority in the high court's rulings.

Takes one to know one. If O'Conners criticism of extremists' critcism of judges flies in the face of the first amendment then so does LaRue's criticism of O'Conner's criticism of extremeists' criticism.

Is it possible to be a Christian conservative and to serve both God and logic ?

I assume it is impossible to understand that the interpretation of the single word "unusual" in the constitution is difficult and that the Constitution made no explicit distinction between U.S. and other customs when it banned unusual punishment. Or is LaRue in agape upset with Lawrence vs Texas and not asserting that the culture of life requires us to accept the death penalty for children ? If so, I might point out that the passionate praise of agape (and Christian ethics generally) is due to a couple of guys called Socrates and Plato who might have found it difficult to express a disinterested opinion on the issues addressed in Lawrence vs. Texas.

Back to LaRue: She reminds me of nothing so much as pomos and deconstructivists who seem to feel it is their intellectual duty to explore the outer limits of the bad faith that they ascribe to others. Not to mention her name. Personally I think that the French, having lost the intellectual debate, have decided to sabotage the USA by sending moles who attempt to recreate their parodies in reality. They were not sublt. At least LaRue and DeLay could have changed their names.

p.s. I did not steal this from Americablog. I found the example so wonderful that I chose to pay them which is about the first time I have bought anything on the web ( doesn't count).

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