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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Neoconservative is such a cool neologism that it never gets old.
They are still neo in their second generation (literally).
A neoconservative is a conservative whose parents were mugged by reality.

Neocon parents found the experience so traumatic that they taught their son
NeoKwan Do, a techniqe for verbal combat for those unarmed with facts, which makes it possible to defend oneself from a mugging by reality armed only with ones bare hands (and a keyboard).

I thought of this when I thought of writing the post above which will include the phrase "even the moderate Kevin Drum" which reminded me of "even the liberal New Republic." I am a fan of the shrill blog and I think they should add a category "neoshrill" for right wingers who have been mugged by reality. Even the libertarian Cato institute is shrill.

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