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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Bush: "And I'll tell, all I can tell you is, every day I know that there's people working overtime doing the very best they can."

Damn if he doesn't want to be President why doesn't he just resign. How can he possibly mention overtime when claiming to be the working man's friend ?

"And the reason I'm worried is because there's a vicious enemy that has an ideology of hate."

Oh he's worried about *those* people working overtime.

"And the way to defeat them long term, by the way, is to spread freedom. Liberty can change habits. And that's what's happening in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Damn if that's the effect of liberty on habits in Iraq I might have been wrong to believe in it.

Oh and "liberty ... habits ....what's happening in Afganistan" sounds like a garbled version of "liberty to grow opium to feed adicts habits is what's happening in Afganistan" which is exactly right, but he's got to learn how to construct his sentences.

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