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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Matthew Yglesias is brilliant as always here, here and here.

However, before taking the third point big time, I think someone should check the details.
"The reference was to the $87 billion supplemental appropriation, which Kerry was willing to vote for as long as George W. Bush would pay for it by repealing some tax cuts for the rich rather than by borrowing from future generations. George Bush said he would veto that version of the bill. So if Bush can't stand up to his wealthy campaign contributors, how is he going to stand up to al-Qaeda?"

My impression is that Bush did not have to threaten to veto the version of the bill which was not based on more deficit spending as there was no chance of it reaching his desk. IIRC he threatened to veto a version in which the aid to Iraq was in the form of a loan not a grant. Given Iraq's debt, calling it a loan would be silly. However, given the fact that 95% of the desperately needed aid hasn't been spent, I'm sure Bush would rather avoid the topic.

By the way, the bill was extremely unpopular. Are the BC04 team sure they want to keep reminding people of it ?

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