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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Fact Checking at the New York Times
Even the moderate Kevin Drum denounces David Rosenbaum for using a kid glove in a velvet glove.

Now Paul Krugman writes what I predict will be an excellent fact checking article a day before the debate. Now that's shrill. Krugman might end up looking like a fool if Bush doesn't use all of the dishonest talking points he lists, and pigs might fly. He also can't anticipate the howlers Bush will come up with when he has to think on his feet, for example, the claim that he hasn't blocked reimportation of drugs from Canada and that Canadians use third world drugs.

Still I am willing to bet that, after the debate, the moderate Kevin Drum would choose Krugman over the official NY Times fact checking if he could be convinced to rank them. Any takers ?

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