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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Drunken thoughts too at the moment

I just drank a bottle of wine (very cheap and not bad). Now I am not so abstemious that a little alchohol makes me totally drunk, but, it does, as noted by Franklin, add to the inclination and detract from the ability (to blog of course).

When thinking of the Bush administration I occasionally think "technically true but deliberately misleading". Yes, of course, the "technically true" part is rare. That's why I said "occasionally".

Now I consider a new catagory "technically true but totally idiotic". One might ask how a true statement might be idiotic (this is more likely if one is me, who often wastes breath, ink or pixels making arguably true and definitely pointless assertions). OK look at this quote ofLee Smith.

"the Americans who say they are ashamed Bush is our president would no doubt be surprised that many ordinary Arabs actually like George W. Bush."

totally hammered by Matt "Now there are 76 million people in Egypt, and one million people is, in some sense, many people, so it's probably true in this sense that "many ordinary Arabs" like Bush. But many, many, many, many, many more absolutely detest him."

Yes indeed. I am sure that the ordinary Arabs who like Bush are plural (2 or more) more than I can count on the fingers of one hand (5 even though it looks like 10 some times) more important in the eyes of God than me (2 or more) not the smallest number of people who have ever liked any particular thing (1 or more there are things unknown to us that no one has liked) incomprehensible in their complexity (1 or more) greater than the number of Jews who were pope (there were 2 counting St Peter) , greater than the number of bears sadly imprisoned in zoos, and greater than the number of Popes who were, in fact,secretly atheists but damn

is the Pope catholic ? Does the bear shit in the woods ? Do Arabs hate George W Bush Jr ?

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