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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Jonathan Lieberman is a hero.
Joshua Marshall reports that

"Sinclair Broadcasting's Washington Bureau chief Jonathan Lieberman got canned this afternoon for denouncing Sinclair's Swift Boat stunt in an interview for this morning's Baltimore Sun."

I think that every newspaper and TV network that dares claim to care at all about journalistic principles is honor bound to (try to) hire him today. If he is unemployed tomorrow they will all be complicit in Sinclair broadcasting's assault on journalism.
I'm not holding my breath and I am sure that Mr Leiberman isn't either.

However my sadly small file "heroes.rtf" now has 4 entries, Spec. Joseph Darby
major General Antonio Taguba, Sgt. Samuel Provanc and Jonathan Lieberman, and, yes that is how serious I think this is.

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