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Thursday, May 01, 2008 Manages to reach a new Low.

In the post below, I note the outrageous bias against Clinton and for McCain displayed on where the abstract of an article admits that McCain was the first to propose the egregious gas tax holiday, but the link under "most viewed articles" is labled "Clinton Gas-Tax Proposal Criticized."

It appears that the blatant contradiction between the article, which notes that McCain started it, and the link, which is written according to the rule that the words "McCain" and "Criticized" must not appear in the same seentence, has been noticed.

Thus the unmentionable fact has been removed from the abstract of the article which appears on It has been edited to

Plan to Halt Gas Tax Criticized

Proposal supported by Clinton, McCain would offer little savings at the pump, economists say.

When I noted the earlier outrage, I didn't imagine that could do any worse. I certainly didn't guess that they would soon show even more outrageous bias in editing inconvenient but undeniable facts out from the same article.

update: Almost goes without saying that, by now (21:56 Rome time) all references to the fact that McCain has some connection with the proposal for a gasoline tax holliday has been removed from the front page of Now we have just

Most Viewed Articles

* Trial Nearing, Alleged Call Girl Found Dead
* Clinton Gas-Tax Proposal Criticized


More Headlines
# Clinton Gas-Tax Proposal Criticized

The deceased alleged call girl is not Deborah Jeane Palfrey also featured on the page. That's two deaths in the great war on prostitution reported in one day.

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