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Saturday, May 17, 2008

MSM healing itself ?

ThinkProgress has really nailed Jonathan FBD Weisman.

In an online chat he provided a synecdote (really can't spell that one) for much of what is wrong with the US press

Jonathan Weisman: Oy, what’s with all the McCain questions? Anyone wondering about those Miley Cyrus photos anymore?

Basically, Weisman has a problem because the facts have an anti McCain bias and online chatters are trying to force him to admit it. The USA has a problem because he is a political correspondent for a leading newspaper.

Now I will defend and praise The Washington Post and, in particular, These online chats are absolutely wonderful. They are a major important innovation in journalism.

The fact that MSM critics often link to Washington Post online chats shows, I think, that whatever genius thought of them and whatever hero convinced the Post to implement them both deserve medals.

The fact that online chats subvert the norms and conventions which have damaged our democracy makes them a great contribution to our country.

They are strong medicine and they might cure the patient (the Post) and pull it out of its alleged death spiral.

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