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Sunday, May 04, 2008

What are the nuts who read Worldnetdaily buying ?

Following a link from Matthew Yglesias, I surfed over to worldnetdaily. I found the article less interesting than the banner add for "Federal Debt Relief System" which is, I think, a scam aimed at Ron Paulicans. So here I am at a right wing web site (with an excuse Matt made me do it) and I find an ad for a group which attempts to convince people with a paranoid rant about evil bankers. The word "federal" the repeated appearance of bald eagles and the pitch outsourced to (long dead) Democratic Presidents and Abraham Lincoln are, I think, all designed to suggest that there is a public program to protect people from banks involved.

The ad clearly appeals to populism. I would consider anti-banker populism to be typically left wing. Goodwin wouldn't want me to mention any right wing organization which exploited anti banker populism in the 20th century.

It seems to me that people who click on that ad are wide open for a political campaign based on denouncing the crooked politicians who voted for the bankruptcy reform. The fact that living Democrats aren't running that campaign suggests that ... the bankers secretly control our government ... politiicans are all on the take ... we need a ruthless leader (like Ron Paul) who will drive the money changers out of the temple ...

Strange times.

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