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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not a Taxi Driver But then I'm not a Serious Journalist Like Thomas Friedman

I just had a very interesting conversation with the desk guy at a hotel in Paris. He is from Mauritius and talking about relative weather quality in Mauritius and my home town (DC) was a bit humiliating. I was pleased that I remembered that Mauritius is in the Indian Ocean (he made clear that it is very far from the equator). The conversation
quickly shifted to talking about the US elections. Now I am used to Italians being obsessed with the USA, but I thought that people in Paris were too proud to care. So I said Obama has the nomination wrapped up, that I don't know if he or Clinton has (or repectively had) a better chance against McCain. I admitted that people in the USA are not necessarily all totally ready for a non-white President. The hotel guy mentioned that Obama is brilliant. I said yes, mentioned he went to Harvard law and explained what the law review is and that he was editor.

The guy said "yes. He was the first non White editor of that review".

I said ... huhhhhhh ... oh you know about that.

Someone is Paris just happened to know that Obama is the first non-white editor of the Harvard Law Review.

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