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Friday, May 09, 2008

Monumental Idiocy in Washington

Michael E. Ruane writes

A powerful federal arts commission is urging that the sculpture of Martin Luther King Jr. proposed for a memorial on the Tidal Basin be reworked because it is too "confrontational" and reminiscent of political art in totalitarian states.

Ruane neglects to add that the commission objected that the statue of Lincoln in the Lincoln memorial is too bearded and that the lincoln memorial is reminiscent of a Greek temple.

Honoring a non confrontational King is like honoring a pacifist Lincoln or a dominionist Jefferson. Seriously this reminds me of the people who objected to the Vietnam veterans memorial because it was sad.

The irony of a statue of a man who spoke truth to power resembling the statues of states which spoke power to truth is not a weakness.

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