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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Numberphobia and Bush's Brain

From a Washington Post Online Chat

via Think Progress

Columbus, Ohio: You boldy predicted that Bush’s approval ratings would rebound — instead he is, according to Gallup, the most unpopular presdient [sic] in history. Will you finally admit that your vision for this nation has been overwhelmingly rejected by the majority of the people?

Karl Rove: Get your facts right — there are at least three president who had worse approval ratings, Truman, Johnson and Nixon. I’m absolutely positive history will be kind to this president, who made the right decisions in a difficult time for this nation.

Looks like Rove has lost his grasp on all math but his own personal fantasy. It’s OK that te redefined the issue from highest disapproval to lowest approval. It’s a rhetorical trick but the person from Columbus didn’t specifically say he was talking about disapproval ratings. But where the hell did he get the idea that Johnson ever got an approval rating below Bush’s current approval rating ?

Johnson’s lowest approval rating was 35% approval (8/7-12/68, Gallup Poll) (first google search took 2 minutes total including scanning the wikipedia article). Now Rove clearly had access to the web, so why didn’t he google ?

According to Bush hasn’t gotten an approval rating that high in a poll of adult Americans (as opposed to registered voters or likely voters) since a Gallup poll December 6th through 9th 2007.

Or I dunno maybe Rove was thinking of Andrew Johnson.

I’d say he’s lost it.

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