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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lad of Opportunity

I never had the impression that Silvio Berlusconi was restraining his impulses during the first 3 Berlusconi governments, but now I understand that only now has he let himself go. In Italy there is a ministry of equal opportunity understood principally as equal opportunity for men and women. Since 5 PM today (11 aM EST) the minister of equal opportunity has been the honorable Mara Carfagna. She is the woman in (or out) of the black skirt in this video clip

Note that I stressed the gender dimension of equal opportunity. I don't think that Carfagna got the nod because she gave an African Italian the opportunity to dance with her.

Just to show that Minister Carfagna believes in transparency and has nothing to hide, here is a slide show

I think that Silvio is envious of Sarkozy, sending the message that he will do just whatever he feels like, and wants cabinet meetings to present a pleasant view.

I thank my colleghe* Barbara Annicchiarico and Alessandra Pelloni for having brought the video's to my attention.

update: someone visited this page from war torn Beruit !

From sitemeter
Lebanon Beirut, Beyrouth
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Don't let anyone tell you that Prime Minister Berlusconi hasn't increased the popularity of the Italian government and made it a beacon of hope for people suffering from sectarian strife and Islamic extremism.

update 2: In contrast this blog just got a visit from Italy from someone who googled GAETANO PECORELLA FORZA ITALIA. Dott. Pecorella is a legal scholar on the order of John Yoo, but he doesn't have legs as nice as On. Carafagna. Almeno c'è almeno un'italiano serio.

updated: grammar corrected

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