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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I am so pleased at the work that my ancestral homeland (Hungary) is doing to promote bicycling.

Via Ezra Klein who notes

In Hungary, the Ministry of Economics and Transport actually has a Deputy Minister for cycling by the name of Adam Bodor. Bodor's job, put simply, is to get people on their bikes. And so they've produced this ad campaign, meant to convey the idea that cycling is sexy (basically safe for work, but use headphones):

I add OK without headphones if you work in Italy

and quotes a translation

According to the comments at this blog, the translation is:

First of all, on the biker lady’s bag it says: bike to work.
Then the lady asks the old man: would you like some tea? He answers: thank you, that would be lovely. As she is listening to the noises coming from the other room, she mutters under her breath: you should rather be biking, too, Rezso. And then at the end, the tag line is almost the same: You should rather be biking, too or (ride your bike instead as well - which is a more literal translation).

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