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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Seven Blunders of the World

OK OK so I'm not Atrios, but at least he worked hard for fame. What about this Howard Kaloogian guy ? He is a California state legislature recently in third place in a special election to replace the Dukestir . That doesn't sound very important, but earlier today "Kalogian" was one of the ten most searched for words at (and I didn't even save a screen shot :-((). His site is down because of too much traffic. And his name has become an non proper noun on wikipedia (and not the kind of non proper noun his honor Antonin Scalia uses either) !

What have I accomplished when Howard Kaloogian was becoming world famous ?

He is the creator of one of the Seven Blunders of the World

(notice that the traitor Brad R doesn't even mention the statue of liberty in Baghdad).

Do I at least earn ap credit for stealing from Josh Marshall ?

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