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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ogged is a real smart guy. He describes himself as a "non practicing" Moslem. I suspect the exact mean of "non practicing" is pretty close to "ex". However, he too accepts the equation of "non religious" and "hostile to religion"

"Atrios says (I think) that liberal hostility to religion is just a Republican talking point. That's true, in the sense that most liberals are also religious."

Now given the degree of hostility in his country of residence towards his non practiced religion, shouldn't he be able to tell the difference. That is, the fact that most liberals are religious is proof that Atrios' claim is true, however, the claim could also be true if no liberal was either religious or hostile to religion, so the claim is not true "in the sense that." Sloppy writing leads to a major unacceptable assertion that atheists who are not hostile to religion don't exist.

Being one, I beg to differ.

Note the word "hostility" was introduced into the discussion by ogged's colleague Waldman and not by a Republican spinmeister. It is not OK for a fellow Political Animal writer to attempt to pretend it is not posted right there on the blog.

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