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Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Great TV Man in the World's Greatest Deliberative Body.

Way late, I attempt to explain to my countrypeople the utter absurdity of the prime-minister, TV monopolist and richest man in my adopted country. The one and only (thank God) Silvio Berlusconi.

Unlike most Americans, I actually had a chance to listen to his speach to a joint session of congress, since one of his TV stations broadcasted it. Also I understand Italian quite well, and can sometimes make sense of the sounds coming out of Berlusconi's mouth (think George Bush but not so dignified and humble).

Turns out that many people in the audience didn't know what he was saying (he spoke in Italian and they had a written translation). I told Italians this, and they didn't believe it, but the claim is made by an actual Congressman. Also Arwen has a brilliant parody.

A few posts ago, I found myself discussing shovelling shit, and that reminded me of the perfect joke which captures Berlusconi in a nutshell (wonderful thought that).

Finally the joke, which, for all I know, I might be translating for the first time

God is angry with the Italians and decides that from now on they will all have to spend the rest of eternity shovelling shit. He decides to inform them via three politicians, Piero Fassino (head of the ex communist party), Pierferdinando Casini (head of one of the surviving splinters of the christian democratic party) and Silvio Berlusconi.

Fassino is crushed (this is funny because he always looks crushed). He says, "comrads I have terrible terrible news for you. We were wrong about everything. God exists. And what's worse we all have to shovel shit"

Casini says "Friends I have good news and bad news. We were right God exists. On the other hand we have to shovel shit forever."

Berlusconi says "Guys I have great news for you. God asked if he could have a minute with me and, together, we solved the problem of Italian unemployment."

Now the guy is in deep deep legal and political shit and there must be a pony somewhere.

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