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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Brad DeLong Quotes Andre Glucksman on the fact value distinction.

Brad approves. I disagree with loquacious vehemence.

Read the posts 2 posts above for the Glucksman quote

I disagree completely with Andre Glucksman.

Second on the policy issue, I think that people in Europe (such as myself) should be allowed to deny the holocaust if they so choose. I note that the USA is not hypocritical in this regard and that it is perfectly legal over there to deny the holocaust and incite racial hatred and even to claim that the President of Italy is responsible for the actions of the cabinet (all illegal for me right here).

What's the problem ? When Irving was arrested for denying the holocaust did anyone in the USA think that a great danger had been averted ?

I agree instead with Jefferson who believed that the truth need not fear falsehood. Actually, I'm only confident I agree with him regarding questions of verifiable fact.

Note that the clear thinker André Glucksman commits a major offence against logic and language when he writes of the "the permission to call ... a gas chamber an abomination" after discussing not giving permission to call a gas chanber anything else. Defending the freedom to prevent people from saying something false is not defending our freedom to tell the truth.

Glucksman has progressed most of the way back to sanity, but the leopard does not lose its spots.The equation of freedom to speak and freedom to punish speach is an abomination. And I will defend to the death André Glucksman's right to utter that abomination.

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