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Monday, March 20, 2006

Does MZM Corruption Kill ?

MZM is the defence contracting firm known to have corrupted a member of congress. MZM's criminal approach to obtaining business is well know by now. The Washington Post reports that MZM also committed fraud in order to obtain high profits. The facts in the article which should have a huge political impact are presented after the jump when the MZM projects are listed. It is clear that getting the tasks assigned to MZM done well was not the main aim of those who had the power to help MZM. So what did they decide was less important than getting bribes.

"Two days after the war in Iraq started, MZM won a $1.2 million contract to provide interpreters for "post conflict" work." So the ability of US soldiers in Iraq to communicate with Iraqis is less important than the Duke Stir (yacht). Also "The Pentagon called on MZM to help seek counters to roadside bombs in Iraq" so the effort to keep US soldiers from being blown up was not considered too important to isolate it from the effort of US officials to profit from their offices.

Gross corruption is political dynamite. An investigation of the quality of the performance of MZM under these contracts has the potential to be political TNT.

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