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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Washington We Have A Problem

I pity the poor Democrat Senators not named Feingold, Harkin or Boxer. Their Winter of political content is turned to perilous Spring by their estemed colleague from Wisconsin when he sprung a motion to censure Bush for breaking FISA on them.

In fact they have a list of problems which is suddenly almost comparable to those of there estemed Republican colleagues. Many are the problems that the whole world shares. George Bush is President of the United States. The US public is just now beginning to understand what sort of person they elected president (at least once).
Bush sincerely believes that he is above the law and is a threat to the US constitutional order. The US public is divided on whether he should obey or violate FISA and the US Constitution. Finally Russ Feingold surprised them with a censure motion allowing them to choose whether they would rather risk appearing soft on terrorism or participate in the destruction of the rule of law in the USA.

I'm fairly sure that most won't face the risk of appearing soft on terrorism, but I am sure they won't enjoy spitting on the Constitution.

Now there is no doubt in my mind that the esteemed senator's main aim is to become President. This does not mean that the honorable senator does not care about the rule of law, the Constitution, the interest of the august senator's party, the USA or humanity but only that the Senator and conscript parent cares even more about becoming President.

I say this without any evidence or any attention to specific details like for example which esteemed honorable august senator I am talking about. I am sure Senator Feingold pulled the motion out of his hat in order to cement the adoration of the liberal base of the party and win the nomination. He's trying to get elected President. That's what senators do and they shouldn't pretend to be shocked.

So the other Democrat senators have 3 problems -- Bush, the American people and Russ Feingold -- aspiring candidate. Jane Hampsher explains that even if they fear that the American people are stupid even more than they fear Bush, they should fear Russ most of all.

Jane Hampsher explains in the coda to a great post quoting a great op ed by Dionne

So let me speak in a language that even the dullest, the most remedial, most thick-witted Democratic consultant can understand.

According to a new Rassmussen poll:

"Initially, 22% of Democrats had a favorable opinion of him while 16% had an unfavorable opinion. However, knowing he advocates censure, Feingold's numbers within his own party jumped to 52% favorable and 14% unfavorable."

Every day that goes by and the party leaders do nothing but carp about an investigation that will never happen they are single-handedly delivering the loyalty, dollars and activism of the base over to Russ Feingold.

Are we communicating now?

If they want to be President and the pope is catholic, they better get out of the margin and get with the team, the mainstream of the party and junior Senator from Wisconsin.

Otherwise they can content themselves with how absolutely horrible they will make life for President Feingold, the first President to be censured by the US senate for smiling too much at his innaugural.

Also, by the way, voting yes is the right thing to do. Voting to censure Bush might hurt the Democratic party but voting against censuring a president who claims to be above the law will certainly hurt the USA and humanity.

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Captain Ron said...

Very nice! Living in Wisconsin myself, and since hearing of his desire to censure our fearless leader, I have applied to work with Senator Feingold's campaign. You would probably like my article as well...check out

Keep up the great posts!