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Friday, March 31, 2006

Bilingual post Following the Guidance of His Honor Antonin Scalia

Italian in italics

Sto Atrio mi sta rompendo le scatole

This Atrios is breaking my boxes

Ogni giorno provo a scriver qualcosa che egli non ha gia scritto

Every day I try to write something that he hasn't written already

Ma almeno dovrebbe lasciare a me l'elucidazione delle parolacce italiane.

But at least he should leave explanation of Italian obscenities to me.

Se non posso spiegare italiano agli statunitense e gli statunitense agli italiani cosa posso fare ?

If I can't explain Italian to US citizens and US citizens to Italians what can I do ?

"Va Fan Culo" significa Va Farlo nel Culo quindi vai a fotterti.

"Va Fan Culo" means go do it in the ass, that is, go fuck yourself.

Smith è il soggetto del'imperativo "fa" quindi Atrios spaglia quando lo traduce come vai a prenderlo nel culo.

Smith is the subject of the imperative "do" so Atrios errs when he translates it as "go take it in the ass."

Mica Scalia ha detto "vai a farti fottere."

In no way whatsoever did Scalia say "go get fucked."
Smith dovrebbe sia dare sia ricevere (com'è addato al luogo santo del colloquio).

Smith should both give and recieve (as is appropriate giving the holy location of the conversation).

Ma tutto da solo.

But all by himself.

Si parla anche del manico del ombrella.

A similar figure os speach includes the words "like the handle of an umbrella."

Ho le palle piene di sto Atrio.

My balls are full of this Atrios.

The last sentence doesn't make any sense to me either.

I apologise for using dirty words on my blog, but if his honor Antonin Scalia insists on using them in church, I do feel obliged to explain his judicious judgement.

I do have two remaining questions. Why do statunitensi not have a word for statunitensi so we offend people from all other American countries by calling ourselves Americans (actually the only person I ever witnessed getting called on that one was an Italian who was told by a Mexican "America is a continent").

Why doesn't English have a translation for "Mica", "Gia", "Anzi" or "Magari" ?

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