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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Trying to earn that Freedom Medal ?

George Tenet agreed to take the fall on bad Iraq intelligence provided it was cushioned with a medal of freedom. Now he is leaking to Murray Waas. In one of his very excellent articles on what Bush new and how he lied, Murray Waas seems to have a very interesting source

the one-page summary, several senior government officials said in interviews, was written specifically for Bush, was handed to the president by then-CIA Director George Tenet, and was read in Tenet's presence.


According to interviews and records, Bush personally read [another] one-page summary in Tenet's presence during the morning intelligence briefing, and the two spoke about it at some length

Now it is conceivable that some third person knows a whole lot about what Tenet saw and said and stuff (would be Rice or Cheney and like fat chance) and I have never been director of central intelligence, but I think that Tenet is talking and wants it to be known that he is talking.

But who is the other guy ? Let's look at the next installment which is all the rage on the blogosphere.

In mid-September 2002, two weeks before Bush received the October 2002 President's Summary, Tenet informed him that both State and Energy had doubts about the aluminum tubes and that even some within the CIA weren't certain that the tubes were meant for nuclear weapons, according to government records and interviews with two former senior officials.

Seems like Tenet is a bit peeved that no one noticed that he is talking. The other guy appears to be "A Republican political appointee involved in the process". Hmmm that is odd, very odd. Someone who is willing to be identified as a Republican political appointee but not specifically as a Bush administration political appointee.

Could it be someone appointed by some other Republican ?

Or could it maybe be a certain "former hill staffer" who wants to make it clear that he isn't willing to be a cut out who is left holding the bag while taking the fall (which is the season in which the Apens turn if you get my drift).

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