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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Daily Double

Monday was a very good day in Italy. Not only did Italian voters (with some help from Italians overseas) dump Berlusconi, but Italian police caught Bernardo Provenzano who is believed to be the capo di tutti i capi of the mafia or, as they say in Italy, the "boss of bosses."

The way in which he was caught is just too wonderful. It seems that, being a traditional Italian man, he just won't do his own laundry. In fact, he is so traditional that he only wears clothes laundered by Mrs Provenzano (who was not a fugitive). The police followed a package of perfectly ironed shirts to the hide out.
Anyone who has seen me wearing an ironable shirt (cioè una camicia) will understand why I am ecstatic. Anyone who may have seen me wearing an ironed shirt will reflect on the word "omerta."

So how is Italy going to manage the trifecta ? My first thought was to cancel porta a porta and stop broadcasting Bruno Vespa, but I suppose that effectively preventing Tele4 (and Emilio Fede) from broadcasting on frequencies assigned to La7 would be a more appropriate sign of the, no doubt, temporary victory of legality.

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