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Friday, May 12, 2006

Today I was trying to keep track of Republican Scandals.

I mean corruption scandals. No way I could keep track of the criminal policies which should be more scandalous than corruption. Just stuff that they recognise, in principle, is criminal and done for money not to damage opponents (no Plame) Managed to count them without having to take my shoes off.

1. Trmpac
2. Abramoff
3. DukeStir (Cunningham, Wade, Wilkes, Foggo, Hookergate, Jerry Lewis, ....)
4. Noe (Ohio investing in rare coins when they should have invested in beenie babies)
5. Frist's insider trading.
6. Custer Battles (not performing as well in the war zone as the name suggests)
7. White House chief domestic policy advisor shoplifting.
8. Secretary of HUD announces that contracts only go to Bush non opponents.
9. New Hampshire phone jamming.
10. Miranda (you have the right to remain silent. Anything you e-mail will be used against you on Fox news).

Had to skip little things like torture and not bother with old news like Bush's insider trading and cooked books at Harkin energy and Halliburton. Also Custer Battles refers to all Iraq reconstruction corruption which is destined to be the mother of all scandals.

Ooops forgot about that one. Ireally honestly forgot. It slipped my mind being such a little thing as a governor pardoning everyone who might or might not have broken a law for him. Sigh (unlaces shoes).

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