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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

OK took me 5 minutes to find Black claiming to be a moderate. A 60's fanatic would never do that. The search was for "lefist" on atrios which Chait should have done before calling Atrios a leftist. I had no luck with Kos. Searching I have not gotten to a post by Kos on the daily Kos not one. It is clear that many Kos contributors argue, a la Chait, that Democrats have to embrace moderates to win. Their hatred of
Joe Lieberman is partly due to the fact that, while they accept centrists from red states they won't settle for Conneticut and mostly because he lacks loyalty to the party. This concept would be totally alien to a 60s fanatic (at least if the party was the Democratic party).

(damn took five minutes) Atrios claims to be an angry moderate. The fanatics who tore the party apart
in the 60s and 70s would never ever ever have called themselves moderates. This is so long ago, that
barely bothers with himself but argues convincingly that the facts show that was not originally
leftist (this was 2003 maybe they are lefties now I haven't checked and make no claim) and that
media whores online is not leftist being rather Clintonite.

I´always a bit amused when people accuse sites like Media Whores Online , or Move On, or this one as being "leftist." MWO have always been unabashed Clinton Democrats. Move On began to support a censure resolution to get the country past impeachment, hardly the agenda of radical leftists.

Clinton Democrats are not and have never been "leftists," unless you´ve redefined leftist, as Howie "I am not a whore shut up Shut Up SHUT UP SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP" Kurtz has, as anything to the left of Jonah Goldberg.

Some of us have decided that when the other side is playing Calvinball, it´s time to stop trying to play by the rules.

(Lambert not Black on eschaton)

I'm a pissed off moderate Democrat who is tired of watching the feudalists and theocrats fight each other for control of the country. But, since the right wing loons have hijacked the media, and all debate is the center vs. the right, and the true "far-left" is utterly ineffective at spreading their message, it's time to for the center to start screaming a little more loudly.

And, I'd also add that I agree - The Nation is a combination of loony left anti-Semitism, fascist pompous drunk bully Chris Hitchens, and all sorts of limo liberalism at its worst. Oh, it does have Eric Alterman, who is the closest thing to a red meat liberal out there.

Note I don't have the link but, before he was Atrios, Duncan Black said he used to like Hitchens
but then strongly disagreed with his attacks from the left on Clinton and argued that Clinton had to govern
as a moderate to survive politically. Further from McGovern you don't get.
(not Kos but prominent on the DailyKos)
Kossaks generally approve of a pro life Democrat
Kos is effusive in praise of Reid. Does he know ?
(not Kos but everyone who reads the dailykos knows)

Come on they like Clark mcgovern's with modems they aint.
armando praising Ben Nelson
armando who is not Kos but is a big man on Koscus explaining why kossaks should be moderate.

This is hopeless I can't even find a Kos post on the daily kos.

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