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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Full Blogosphere Alert

Bloggers in Egypt arrested for "Insulting the President" that is Mubarak

Free Alaa Seif al-Islam
Free Ahmed Droubi
Free Malek Mostafa
Free Moahmmed al-Sharqawi.

No US aid to Egypt while they are in prison.

I was struck by the case of Malek Mostafa

Another blogger, Malek Mostafa, is also in jail for insulting the president, as well as for blocking traffic and endangering public order. His blog was notable for its tolerant take on religious issues.

Mostafa belongs to al-Wasat, a religious party that broke from the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and bills itself as a liberal alternative within Islamic-based politics. Recently, Mostafa defended members of the Bahai religion demanding official recognition for their sect; the Brotherhood, which wants to apply Islamic law in Egypt, opposes the Bahai, calling them apostates.

Why did I only hear about al-Wasat when one of their blogging members was arrested ? There is a liberal alternative within Islamic-based politics ! Is the US supporting them ? I mean at least their right to protest and "insult the President" ? Fat chance.

I Also noted a bit of humor in a grim article "Seif al-Islam's parents were well-known political activists whose approach to bringing about change in Egypt centered on long meetings with like-minded militants" ah yes long meetings. I hope the blogosphere can be more effective.

update: current link I think

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