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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I think That Tony Blair needs professional help

Fresh from his pleasant joint press conference with George Bush (as clever a political move as it would have been for Carter to hold a joint press conference with Khomeini), Blair visited with ex Prime minister Berlusconi (they probably chatted about David Mills).

Silvio Berlusconi al suo arrivo in Toscana per una cena con Tony Blair e con la moglie Cheril nella villa dei principi Guicciardini Strozzi di Cusona...

"Berlusconi on his arrival in Tuscanny for a dinner with Tony Blair and his wife Cheril in the villa of the princes Guicciardini Strozzi di Cusona ..."

Berlusconi is an absolutely loathsome person who is currently out of power and who was being hammered in local elections as they dined. Blair voluntarily chose to subject himself to Berlusconi in a bad mood (second worst thing possible after Berlusconi in a good mood).

Also, the only Guicciardini who ever had anything to say about statesmen was the Guicciardini who wrote about politics in the 16th century. I once read something along the lines of "Guicciardini who viewed politics as an expression of self interest in contrast to the more philisophical views of his contemporary Machiavelli"
A very appropriate place for Berlusconi to have dinner no doubt, but what is Tony Blair doing there ?

Blair is undoubtably not Machiavelli, but just who might he be in renaissance Italy is lost to history. Any such (...) wouldn't have lasted 15 minutes
(mildly naughty Italian anatomical reference elided).

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