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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Magari Fosse lo Stesso Partito da sempre

If only it were the same Republican party it always was

Digby starts an excellent post in an absurd way

Same As It Ever Was

by digby

[snip] Rick Perlstein has given me permission to publish an excerpt from his forthcoming book "Nixonland".

The trust in President Nixon might have been shaken somewhat on Day 101, when the ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee repeated something he first said in October of 1966: time to declare victory and go home.

I knew Aiken was a Republican Senator (one of my memories of childhood was hearing that a Republican senator said we sould "declare victory and go home" again and again and again). I didn't know he was the ranking member of the foreign affairs committee. Ahhh those were the days the jingle jingle jingle of the ice cream man's truck and Republican ranking members and even rational intelligent honorable Republican ranking members.

Aiken was extraordinary even in his own time, but think has any organisation sunk so far as the party of Lincoln and Bush ? And don't make me try to imagine who they will nominate in 2140.

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