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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gather round younguns and let me tell you about the day I first heard they had invented the world wide web.

I didn't hold with those newfangled computer thingies at the time. In fact, once I planned to be the worlds last computer illiterate ahh the best laid plans of mice and me etc. I read in Science or Nature or one of them mags that scientists at CERN had developed a protocol for sending images over the bitnet (later renamed the internet) and that, while it had long been possible to send text, the need to send photos of particle tracks in bubble chambers had led someone at CERN to develope a program or protocol or pro something or other to send photos. Oh and also films and audio.

"Gotta lot o time on their hands have they ?" I thunk to myself. I figured they had a legitimate excuse but that this new pictures by wire business wus gonna be a huge humungous and very very large waste of time.

People who know me know that I generally try to avoid making predictions. I will now explain why. That prediction was so awesomely prophetic, unbelievable brilliant and even accurate that I recognise that I can never ever surpass it.

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