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Friday, May 05, 2006

Porter Goss no longer DCI

Oh happy day. Looks like the poor man's prayer was answered (unlike said poor man, I won't guess as to which recipient actually exists and answered it but I suspect He or She was on the BCC list).

No doubt this has nothing to do with the new Watergate Congressmen and Hookers scandal (takes me back to my youth. Anyone remember Fanny Flagg the Argentine Fire Cracker and whoever it was who was chairman of the house appropriations committee [update wikipedia says she was Fanny Foxe])

However, I must note that Mr Goss has shown a certain obsession with sex as when he said Re Valerie Plame Wilson "If somebody sends me a blue dress and some DNA, I will have an investigation."
I'm sure that Ms Wilson, being more up on intelligence than I, understood that what then congressman Goss was saying was "Valerie if you want me to try to find which criminal ruined your career you know what to do, and, by the way, wear a blue dress while you are doing it." Wilson, being a person of some integrity, didn't go along and no investigation followed.

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