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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jonathan Chait wrote of the left blogosphere

But it’s not true if you take account of their political style, which is distinctly New Left. It’s a paranoid, Manichean worldview brimming with humorless rage.

Henry gives advice "Peer not too long into the abyss of the blogosphere lest it peer back into thee."

I decided to check on the humorless thing. Hmm must not have meant Atrios (you know the Pony for Holden guy) so how about Kos. This is featured.

randyhauser's diary :: ::

So the NSA is endeavoring to compile a database of all the phonecalls made by every American over the past couple of years. This is part of the NSA's continuing program to give the Bush Administration much more information that it may ignore.

While many people are getting bogged down in "legalites" and fears of "dictatorship" I prefer to look at how it may benefit me.

You see I lost the software that hooks my palm pilot to my PC and though I was able to recreate most of the contact list there was this extremely cute woman whose number I lost. [snip]

So what Im wondering is if I need to file an FOI request to get her number or if I can just make a simple request to the NSA.

Of course, I have no idea how to find the NSA ...

I've thought of doing something like calling a friend and saying something along the lines of "Al Queda, Al Queda, attention NSA can you guys please EMail me the number of Jackie Franco-Silva, I called her in December of '02" but that may get me different results than I had wished for.

Nuff said.

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