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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This is Horrible News

"Senate Panel Backs Hayden as CIA Director"

General Hayden was head of the NSA and clearly broke the law. The Bush adminstration's utter contempt for the US consitution and the rule of law can only cause permanent damage to the republic if it is accepted. If senators, congressment and judges defended the constitution, a criminal President would be like a sore on a healthy body.

The senate intelligence committee overwhelmingly voted to approve the appointment of a known criminal to a highly sensitive position. Thus they submitted to presidential lawlessness. Thus they created a precedent which will damage the USA forever.

George Bush could not do this. Our traditions can be saved by condemnation of Bush. A broad consensus against the constitution can not be remedied for generations.

Long ago, I argued that criminal methods might be morally acceptable and even morally necessary but that the criminals must be punished even if they did the right thing. General Hayden is a criminal. Respect for the law and respect for the idea of law, should have impelled the Senate intelligence committee to vote against his appointment.

The wound inflicted yesterday will not heal in my lifetime.

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