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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Poking around in the Ash Heap of History

Remember the wobblies the IWW ? You know Joe Hill and Big Bill whatsisname the blood red American Anarco Syndicalist left ? Didn't think so. That's one movement on the Ash heap of History ... that is on the web. Let me check here.
That's one big ash heap no ?

Holy Jeebus they have a Salt Lake City branch ?!? And some workers actually recognised them as their sole bargaining agent ????? That's some serious shattuck.

OK how about the Communist Party of the United States of America ? Yep. And the commies are using power point "Here is a PowerPoint slideshow to accompany the article, Change Congress 2006! by Joelle Fishman" talk about contradictions. Actually reminds me of the time that Lev Bronstein visited Lourdes and noted that the loudspeakers showed that the Catholic church was using the true miracles of modern science to advertise their false miracles. Using power point shows that the CPUSA is using the true idiocies of modern capitalism to advertise their ... extremist uhm I mean unreasonable ... uhm oh shit I absolutely agree with everything on this page does that mean I am a commie ?

OK how about social credit ? I don't know what that is either but maybe google does. Holy mother of God there are a whole lot of web pages which include all three of the words "social", "credit" and "Quebec" that's like the Rhode Island Militia or the Salt Lake City chapter of the IWW (see above).

OK how about the
Flat Earth society ?

Damn man that internet has got everything on it. Let's see who has something good to say about Richard Cheney ?
OK about how Dick Cheney is good ? Well at least someone thinks Dick Cheney is honest ? OK OK but someone thinks he is smart ?

Uhm Mr Vice President, your allies are scattered and demoralised. Go to where you belong ...

Yes I know the ash heap of history doesn't have any space for you. I don't know where you belong either, but, hey, I'm an atheist. Why don't you ask Mr Alighieri for directions ?

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