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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tales of the Weird

I have read several articles by FBI agents about how they don't torture and how they know how to interrogate. These agents suggest that torture is not only wrong but stupid and a sign that other agencies aren't as qualified as they are.

All of that is, perhaps, somewhat called into question by the fact that FBI interrogators decided to duct tape Ali al-Marri's mouth shut while they interrogated him.

Two government officials said that the tape showed Mr. Marri being manhandled ... the interrogators dispensing the rough treatment on the tape were F.B.I. agents.


He said that Mr. Marri was chanting loudly, disrupting his interrogation, and that interrogators used force to put duct tape on his mouth, while Mr. Marri resisted.

Look I understand how hard it is to get someone who can talk to talk, but what the hell is the point of interrogating someone whose mouth is duct taped shut ?

Was the idea to have Mr al-Marri write the answers ? Couldn't he just write the words of the chant ? I mean I know it's tough when you are interrogating and they guy you are interrogating won't let you get a word in edgewise, but, you know, it's not the words the interrogator is saying that are the point of the exercise.

I mean I'm not a superqualified expert on interrogation like the guys who interrogate for the FBI so maybe I'm confused, but I thought the point was what the interrogatee says.

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Anonymous said...

The FBI can make your stay with them so uncomfortable, close but not torture, that you will sign anything to make it stop. Us middle class people don't have a clue.