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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Clinton campaign argues that Clinton is identical to McCain

They have a very silly rhetorical trick of eliding the difference between winning a primary and winning in the general election as in

Clinton "spokesperson Phil Singer responds:

'The path to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue goes through Pennsylvania so if Barack Obama can’t win there, how will he win the general election?

Mr Singer's argument is obviously that there is no difference between Democratic primary voters and voters in the general (we are all Americans) and that there is no difference between Clinton and McCain (good friends who have both passed the comander in chief test administered by Clinton).

How about the slogan "If you like McCain you'll love Clinton" nooo to divisive. I mean "If you like McCain you'll like Clinton." Or "do you feel just like a Republican too?".

I think Hillary Clinton would make an excellent Prsident. She is smart hard working well informed and liberal enough for me. My one concern is that she has quit a record of hiring total idiots. I do have a problem with having the person who listened to Mark Penn and Ira Magaziner in the White House (and yes, of course, that means Bill too who isn't liberal enough for me).

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